Now Accepting New Musicians!  

We are a small, specialized record label based in Portland, OR, focusing on downtempo/ambient/chillout music.  We operate a bit differently than other labels.  First off, in order to release music with us you must first experience floating.   

No idea what floating is? (check out the beginners guide on the right-hand side)

The good news is, as an artist the float will be on us in exchange for your time and effort as a musician.  The bad news is… actually there is no bad news, it is a win-win situation.

Music on the label will have 3 possible avenues of manifestation:  A digital copy, a physical, or be used at Float On to be played in the tanks as a “times up” que where your music could be heard by up to 60 people a day.

There will be 3 formats of release:  A various artists compilation (VA), an EP, or a full album.

Interested in joining our floatastic music creation team?

You can enter a submission at the following location:

…or if you simply just have questions: